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World's First Fitness-Social App

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Welcome to Fitofy Fitness

Fitofy Fitness is World’s first fitness-social app that not only aids you to lose weight, but also make friends while doing so. We make fitness a simpler, easier and a fun-filled activity that keeps you in top shape.


Know the number of calories lost, track each route and know the miles travelled with our app. While running solo can be boring, with our nearby friend option you can find your running partner. Lose track of time to run and jog on untravelled and undiscovered roads using our nearby track option.


How about buying some fitness gear while being on the go? Our app allows you to make purchase from everything right from accessories to shoes to clothes from the top brands across the globe to make your fitness activity even more enjoyable.


Be the reason for other’s smile. Motivate others and bring a smile on other’s face by sharing your fitness stories. What’s more! You can even share photos to encourage others to join you in your effort to stay fit and healthy. Blog your stories with a larger running community

Wait That’s Not All! There’s More – Fitofy Offers Various Other Innovative Features

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Find a Fitness Centre Nearby

Discover a fitness centre nearby and learn fitness lessons to give yourself an edge.

Track Your Run

Monitor your run in real-time to know how much paces you’ve covered in the day

Find a Fitness Event Nearby

Instantly know about a fitness event happening nearby and participate to learn from others.

Fitness Feed

Get a daily dose of your fitness needs with regular fitness feeds.


Shop Fitness Clothing and Accessories

Shop on the go your favourite fitness clothing and accessories to make your running even more enjoyable.e

Find a Friend Nearby

Don’t be alone in your fitness activity. Discover a friend nearby and make friends while losing weight.

Check Your Health Scored

Find out the results of your activity with a health score to know where you can improve

Get World’s First Fitness-Social App, From Here

Make running a priority. Download our free running app.

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What Did You Receive with Fitofy Showcase?

So, as evident, Fitofy is not just any other fitness social app. Not it helps fitness more enjoyable but also helps you to:

  • Make friends while losing weight
  • Shop fitness clothing and accessories
  • Track your run and check your health score
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Describe The Best Features From The App

An app that makes fitness more enjoyable and customisable, Fitofy makes your entire fitness activity more pleasurable while helping you to make friends in the process. With an aim to create a healthier community, Fitofy helps you keep a track of your daily fitness activities.

Download this app to start your own fitness journey today!

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